Choose your pricing plan

  • Bec's Outfit

    Perfect for those who love to get ideas on fashion outfits.
    Valid for one week
    • We will give you idea on how to put your out together
    • What is the best jewelry for your skin tone
    • Map out what fashion style fits you
    • Find your best qualities you want noticed
    • Find what color season you are
    • Meet as many times as you want in one week
  • Consignment Charge

    Research, Advertising, Marketing, Storage, Fulfillment,
    Valid for 3 months
    • Adjustments that are made to the description online
    • Storage your goods on site (not in your home)
    • Research of prices of goods sold on current market value
    • Cleaning and refurbish of goods to get the best value
    • Advertising across multiple selling platforms and website
    • Pictures and video of goods to enhance the quality
    • Get paid per sale that day
    • Processing maintenance of your account
    • We handle the packing and shipping for you